超高溫熱媒設備120°C~370°C Ultra-high temperature heat medium system 120℃~370℃。(248°F to 698°F).

我們開發了各類直接加熱方式,將傳熱介質溫度達到120°C~370°C。(248 華氏度至 698 華氏度)。而提供安全可靠的溫度控制技術對於熱能的穩定是絕對必要的。首先重要的是,該系統包括加熱和連續流動(300°C~350°C572°F~662°F)超過2500~5000小時)的連續運行。有利於持續高溫加熱穩定的設計,安裝的績效、穩定運轉,更實際證明實際應用連續不間斷工程更具有實務意義,也是本公司系統優良績效。

We have developed various direct heating methods to reach the temperature of the heat transfer medium to 120°C~370°C. (248 degrees Fahrenheit to 698 degrees Fahrenheit). Providing safe and reliable temperature control technology is absolutely essential for thermal energy stability. First and foremost, the system includes heating and continuous flow (300°C~350°C (572°F~662°F) for more than 2500~5000 hours). It is conducive to the stable design, installation performance, stable operation of continuous high temperature heating, and more practical proof that the practical application of continuous and uninterrupted engineering is of more practical significance, and it is also the excellent performance of the company's system.